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As a new employer of personal health assistants we are here to help you navigate what you need to do to ensure you meet your statutory requirements as an employer.

Below is some information which may be useful for you with links where you may wish to find out more.




Care and Support planning

Partner2Care are able to support you in the development of your care and support plan to identify your health and well-being needs and any actions you may need to take to meet the outcomes you have identified.

If you have a personal health budget which has been agreed by your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), we can provide a brokerage and support service to help you develop your care and support plan.

Once we have developed your care and support plan together, we will work on your behalf with your local CCG to agree your final budget and plan.

Please contact us and we will be happy to talk to you about the process and how we can help.

Brokerage and Support

Please refer to Our Brokerage Services page on how we can support you to procure your care and navigate what is available to you locally.


What our PHB employers mostly want to know


How do I recruit a personal assistant?


Understanding the employment status of PAs

Understanding the status of your PA

Is your PA employed or self-employed?

Employment status

Employment status manual

Employment status guidance for employed or self-employed


How can I develop a job description?

Partner2care will work with you to develop job descriptions and person specifications should you need this support. We can provide template job descriptions for you. Please view our sample PA job description and person specification template.
Your job descriptions should list the type of activities or tasks that you would like your personal assistants to help you with or do for you.
Your personal specification needs to identify the qualities, skills, knowledge and experience that you need from your personal assistants.
It's a good idea to think about the personal qualities you want to find in your PA, for example loves animals, easy-going approach.

How do I advertise for PAs?

Partner2Care will work with you to develop an advert to advertise on your behalf in newspapers, job centres, online, colleges and other local resources. Please view our sample job advert.
How do I choose who to interview?
You will need to 'shortlist' the applicants by looking at their application forms (download our template forms Part A and Part B) or CVs and selecting those who meet your job description and personal specification best, remembering to take into account the Equalities Act 2010 to ensure you are not discriminating against any applicants. Download our shortlisting form to assist you.
Prepare for your interview by having your questions (which can be based on your job description) ready such as why might you want to work for me and what relevant experience and qualifications do you have? Partner2Care are happy to work with you to develop your questions. Please view our interview checklist.
It is usually best to interview with another person to get a second point of view. Partner2Care are happy to support you in being your second person or alternatively you may wish to have a family member or friend with you.

How do I check references?

Once you have informed the person you wish to employ, you must let them know that you need to check their references and carry out a DBS check before they can start working for you.
Please view our sample letter requesting a reference and our template reference request form. Partner2care can assist with collating references on your behalf.
Please download our sample letters - offering the position and unsuccessful candidate.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks

Partner2Care are able to process your Enhanced DBS checks for you. An Enhanced DBS check is required to check someone’s criminal record if they apply for certain jobs or voluntary work, eg working with children or in healthcare.

Only employers and licensing bodies can request an Enhanced DBS check.

As an employer of personal assistants, you will be required to have Enhanced DBS checks processed for you. If you have a PHB the cost of this will be included in your budget. If you fund your own care we will still be able to help you with this service.

If you would like Partner2care to process an Enhanced DBS check(s) for you, please contact us.


What is the right rate of pay for my personal assistant?

PartnerCare can provide a payroll service to ensure that your personal assistant's tax, NI, holiday pay and pension contributions are deducted correctly and advise you on rates of pay. You must pay at least the National minimum wage.


Timesheet submission dates

Please note the usual deadline for pay run is the 22nd of each month. Please be aware we are unable to process any timesheets received after the 22nd of the month and you will need to ensure your timesheets are received in line with these timeframes to ensure you receive your pay.

We kindly request at this time that all PA timesheets be sent via email to sirona.partnertocare@nhs.net. We will accept timesheets that have been scanned or photographed. Please get in touch if you require any assistance with this process.



Please can we ask that you remind your PAs of the importance of wearing full PPE whilst at work to protect you, them and others.

We have changed the way we are asking our PHB holders to order PPE. As from today (Monday 29th March 2021) please return to ordering PPE through your previous suppliers. Partner2Care (P2C) are no longer able to supply you with PPE.

Please return to submitting a copy of your receipt and a completed expenses form to P2C at sirona.partnertocare@nhs.net for reimbursement from your Personal Health Budget expenses allowance. If you do not have any expenses forms and require them please let us know.

Specially fitted face masks (FFP3 masks) can be requested from P2C and can be posted out to you on a monthly (need only) basis.



Every employer now has a legal duty to help their employed staff to save for retirement. You must do this by automatically enrolling your PAs into a qualifying workplace pension scheme and make contributions towards it.

Partner2Care can support and guide you through this process. Here are the steps we will take:

Step 1: You must be set up by HMRC as an employer and obtain your PAYE reference to enable Partner2Care to process payroll for you.

Step 2: You will receive a letter from The Pensions Regulator advising you of your staging date (the date your automatic enrolment duties apply). Please visit The Pensions Regulator website and follow the guide to automatic enrolment under the Employers section.

Step 3: Inform Partner2Care of your preferred Pension provider. You can find a list of providers here.

Step 4: Partner2Care will process pension contributions for your employees as part of our standard payroll process. 


You can find more information from The Pensions Regulator and Disability Rights UK Factsheet.


How much holiday are my PAs entilted to?

All employees within the UK are entitled to 5.6 weeks annual leave pro rata. For specific leave entitlement please refer to individual PA's contracts of employment. If PA hours change, please advise us so we can issue a new contract with the amended entitlement.

As an employer we ask you keep a record of how much leave PAs take and how much leave they have left throughout the holiday year (1st April-31st March). However, we also keep records and can advise you.

Any leave not used by 31st March will NOT be carried forward or paid unless agreed under exceptional circumstances.


Changes to workplace pension contributions from April 2019 

Please be aware of an important change to your workplace pension scheme. The change will affect any employee currently in the scheme, or those who may opt in or be auto-enrolled in the future.

From 6 April 2018, the minimum contribution for staff automatically enrolled into a workplace pension scheme increased from 2% to 5%. This is made up of a 3% contribution from the employee and a 2% contribution from the employer.

Minimum pension contributions will increase again from 6 April 2019 to 5% for employees and 3% for employers. Employees will be able to see this reflected in their April 2019 payslips. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch or visit the NEST website for advice:


Do I need a contract of employment?

Yes. This will ensure you and your PAs have an agreed obligation to each other to meet the requirements set out in your contract.
Partner2care can assist you with drawing up a contract of employment between you and your employees. View an example Contract of Employment.
Your contract agreement gives details of employment rights, responsibilites and duties and must be provided within 2 months of taking on your new PA. You should include a probationery period, notice period, employment start date and place of work i.e your home, salary, hours of work, sick leave and pay, holiday entitlement, pensions, maternity leave and pay, disciplinary* and dismissal procedure, confidentiality, cover i.e if you are admitted in to hospital and the notice period of termination of the employment.

*Download our sample invite to disciplinary hearing letter.


Employment law and advice

Partner2Care offer employment and recruitment support to you as an employer but we can not offer advice on specific employment law. To access the information you need, please refer to the following agencies:


1. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau:


Weston-super-Mare. Tel: 01934 836 200

39 Oxford Street


North Somerset. BS23 1TN

Bristol. Tel: 03444 111 444

48 Fairfax Street

Bristol. BS1 3BL


2. Avon and Bristol Law Centre:


2 Moon Street

Bristol. BS2 8GE

Tel: 0117 924 8662


3. ACAS – www.acas.org.uk


If you choose Partner2Care to arrange your insurance needs, your policy will also include a 24 hr Employment Law Helpline.



If you are employing personal assistants, as well as needing public liability insurance required by law for self employed personal care assistants, you will need home employment insurance with carer's liability and healthcare tasks.

Partner2Care can arrange your insurance needs directly with a broker should you wish us to process this for you. Download an insurance application form or please contact us if you would like more information.


On-going management responsibilities

Do I need a Health and Safety Policy?

You have a legal responsibilty to ensure your PA is safe and healthy whilst working with you. This means having the right insurance cover (see above), talking to your PA about health and safety i.e fire and carrying out risk assessments on your home including pets. Download our sample risk assessment form. You should set up a record of any accidents that happen in your home.
If you employ more than 5 people, you will need a Health and Safety Policy to safeguard you and your PAs.
Partner2Care can help you draw up your own Health & Safety Policy.
The Health and Safety Executive website and helpline can help you with information and a policy template.

Disciplinary / Grievance Policies

A Disciplinary meeting should be held in accordance with any procedures and policies which may be provided from time to time or in the alternative in accordance with ACAS codes of practice.

Grievances should be presented to the Employer in writing who will endeavour to respond within a reasonable time frame. Grievances will be held in accordance with policies and procedures which may be issued from time to time or in the alternative in accordance with ACAS codes of conduct.  

It is the responsibility of the employer to provide training for each employee regarding drugs and alcohol misuse at work. Please see HSE, Don’t mix it and HSE Drug misuse at work. There are legal obligations for employers under common law and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, The Transport and Works Act 1992 and The Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. 

The Employee has a duty of care to patients as well as to colleagues and this duty cannot be fully discharged if alcohol and drugs problems exist. The use of and the supplying to others of illegal substances are criminal offences and may result in the involvement of the Police, and could lead to disciplinary proceedings.



Abuse is a violation of a person's human and civil rights by any other person and may be physical, psychological, verbal, sexual, discriminatory, financial or even institutional. It is an act of neglect not to act on this information.

If you are concerned about abuse you should inform someone immediately. You can speak to the police, your local safeguarding adults team in your local authority services*, family, friends or call us at Partner2Care and we can direct you.

*North Somerset

Care Connect

01275 888 801 - Adults
01275 888 808 - Children and Young People
01275 888 805 - Minicom

E-mail care.connect@n-somerset.gov.uk


Care Direct

0117 922 2700 - Adults

First Response Team

0117 903 6444 - Children

Report suspected adult abuse online here

South Gloucestershire

01454 868007 - Adults
01454 866000 - Children



Please contact our Trainer, Linda on 0800 111 4167 to access training available to you and your PAs.

You can view our training testimonials here.





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