Our Peer Community

Our Peer Community


Our first peer group

Our first peer group took place on 2nd August 2017 in Weston-super-Mare.

It was an opportunity for our Personal Health Budget (PHB) holders, family members, carers and members of the Partner2Care team to come together and discuss how they would like to shape their support group.


  • What would PHB holders like from their Peer Group?
  • What would Personal Assistants (PAs) like from their Peer Group?
  • What should this support group look like?
  • How frequent should meetings be?
  • Where should meetings take place?
  • What format should meetings be held in (in person, online)?
  • How should this group move forward?


  • How to achieve / maintain continuity of care
  • How to empower employees


  • How to achieve the correct wage
  • How to maintain care plans effectively
  • Training opportunities 


  • It was felt there should be 2-4 local meetings annually, one being South West wide to share experiences
  • A newsletter / communication of the contents of meetings 
  • A Commissioner to be present to meet PHB holders, family and PAs
  • The group was advised there are voulnteers available to offer hand massage at meetings - generally accepted as a nice thing to offer for all those attending
  • Light refreshments to be available at meetings


“Very nice to meet the people involved with Partner2Care and to learn about the other people who attended”

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